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Message me your Skype info, please don't post it for everyone to see. Thank you!

Overlayfaq by Melificence

How  Much  Do  Your  Overlay's  Cost?

I work on donations only through PayPal, so that amount is up to you. I am now asking for a $20 minimum for an overlay, which I feel is a fair price and the  average of what I receive at the moment. You are not only paying for the finished product but my time invested. You now have the option of using Deviant Art points to purchase the overlays as well for a set amount of 3000 per overlay, 4000 per entire theme. This can be negotiated by sending me a note.

How Long Do They Take You To Make?

Each one takes me a day and a half to two days. I do them in order of my PayPal donations. I will not rush or bump requests since everyone in my queue has paid in advance to get a spot. (This may not apply to charity events). Please respect that I am a human being with a family and I can't be at my desk 24/7! :)

Are  You  Currently  Accepting  Requests?

I am now accepting requests again.

Can  I  Buy  One  You've  Already  Made?

I appreciate that you like my previous work, however the answer to this will most likely be no. Any layouts in my gallery are ones people have paid me to design specifically for them, and they don't want someone else using the design they paid for. If they give me permission that's fine - but most people don't. Sorry!

Do  I  Donate  Before  Or  After  You  Finish?

I'm fine with before or after. I understand that some people would rather wait to see a preview before they donate, and I respect that 100%. You can choose to pay after you've seen a preview.  

Please note that anyone that donates in advance will get a priority slot in having their work completed first since it's already been paid for. I will always work on pre-purchased work before all other requests


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Vulkano-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!
orhod Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016
hi meligicemce i sended you a not and i gope you didnt stop makeing overlays cuz i need your help :3
Nulltruth Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Hello Melificence, really hope you haven't stopped working on Overlays, fell in love with your work ages ago and hope to get a response from you :D
thequeerguy Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016
Hey Mel, I have sent you a note. Please reply. Thanks. 
NyokoSilent Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Hey Mel, have you tried messing around with the new overlay? I enjoy seeing your work and it gives me inspiration while I am working on my own. xD
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